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Please send me an email if you’d like to get in touch:

Email: kristin.j.hare (at) gmail (dot) com


My name is Kristin Hare and I want to design a better world.

I began studying Industrial Design because I wanted to create products to improve people’s lives. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech, I worked as a product manager for four years developing home decor products, do-it-yourself craft products, and power tool accessories for mass retail. While I learned valuable experience managing over $20 million of products and organizing multidisciplinary teams, I did not feel like I was able to use my creative skills to their fullest potential.

In the Fall of 2016 I returned to Georgia Tech to pursue a degree in Human-Computer Interaction. My ultimate goal is to use my design and problem solving skills to become a user experience or user interface designer. I want to leverage my skills to design products and interfaces with a broader, global impact. My goal is to design beautiful, intuitive, engaging products that help people connect with the world around them.

Some of my other interests include teaching people how to make stained glass, woodworking, petting fuzzy llamas, eating Nutella on everything, and traveling around the world to experience new cultures.