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Project Description

Walmart ShopAR


An augmented reality shopping buddy to improve the shopping experience at Walmart.


The Project Team

Kristin Hare
Role: UX Designer & Researcher
Geunbae Lee*
Role: Researcher
Muchao Tang
Role: UX Designer & Researcher
Azalea Irani*
Role: Researcher
*Two teams collaborated for the research phase
Zhonghe Wen
Role: UX Designer & Researcher
Jessica Tsui*
Role: Researcher


The Users

Customers sometimes have negative experiences at Walmart, which reduces their desire to shop at Walmart. Walmart associates want to provide positive experience to customers, but associates are often too busy and rushed.

The Problem

Brick and mortar stores everywhere are suffering due to the growing trend of online shopping. Walmart wants to give customers a reason to visit their stores and have pleasant shopping experiences.

The Solution

An augmented reality system can alleviate stocking challenges faced by store associates, answer customers’ questions, and facilitate more meaningful interactions between associates and customers, thus creating a more pleasant shopping experience for everyone.

This was a class project sponsored by NCR for their client, Walmart, as a concept that could be implemented 5-10 years in the future.


Contextual Inquiry

 Contextual inquiries in the form of shop-alongs were conducted with 6 millennials. We focused on millennials because they are beginning to have the most buying power, yet are increasingly shopping online, and Walmart wants to keep these customers as they grow older.
Key Takeaway: We found that people do not really enjoy shopping at Walmart, but they do it because of the variety of products, the low prices, and the convenient locations of the stores.

Interviews with Associates

Interviews were conducted with Walmart’s front-end innovation manager, store managers, and associates in a Walmart.
Key Takeaway: Walmart employees want to provide friendly service, but they struggle due to their busy workload.
Photography by Jessica Tsui

Customer Journey Map

Customers have fluctuating emotions based on their experiences as they enter the store, search for items to purchase, check out, and leave the store. At various points in their journey, they interact with Walmart associates.


A stakeholder map was created to understand the people and groups who would be affected by a change.


Personas were created based on the three shopping behaviors we saw through the contextual inquiries. These personas were used to keep the design focus on the customers’ needs.



A brainstorm session was conducted with the team to create innovative solutions that would improve the customers and associates experiences at Walmart.


We created a video to prototype what an augmented reality system could look like. We focused on the viewed experience, not the hardware, because the hardware could change 5-10 years in the future.

User Testing

User testing was conducted with 6 people from the millennial age group who had a diverse backgrounds such as college students, working professionals, American, international, women, men, single, married, pet owners, and/or parents.


Users were excited about the novelty and speed of an AR system, but they want control and customization.

Customer & Associate Journey Map

Pain points are removed or reduced

Change Management

Plan for activating key stakeholders for implementation

Final Concept

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