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Project Description

Expedia Mobile Redesign


A redesign of Expedia’s flight search & selection interface for iPhones.


The Users

Expedia as a company wants a consistent brand. Expedia’s customers expect a seamless experience.

The Problem

Expedia’s mobile website for booking flights does not match their web branding and the experience/features across mobile and web do not align, creating confusion and frustration among users.

The Solution

A redesign of Expedia’s mobile site to meet customers’ expectations can enhance their experience and lead to more flight bookings from a mobile phone.
#1. Search base-state
#2. Choose origin city
#3. Choose destination city
#4. Choose departure date
#5. Choose return date
#6. Selections made, ready to search


1. Research Expedia as a brand/company
2. Understand Expedia’s users
3. Analyze current screens
4. Ask users which areas are confusing
5. Hand sketches
6. Designs
7. Review by designers & users
8. Refinement


Expedia as a Brand

  • A travel company used to book flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacations, and bundle deals
  • Founded in 2001 as a fare aggregator and online search tool
  • Goal is to change the travel industry & to empower consumers

Homepage Styling

Mobile screens do not match the look & feel of Expedia’s website


Marketplace Ranking

Expedia’s pricing is typically the lowest for bundle deals, but they are not always the least expensive for flights



College Students
Young Couples
Working Professionals
Retired Adults
Expedia has a wide range of customers, but users all have the goal of saving money when they travel
Some users are brand-loyal to Expedia because of past pleasant experiences; other users only look to Expedia when comparing the least expensive travel options
Expedia App review suggests that customers prefer the experience to be “nice, quick, & easy”
  • 8,643 reviews: average of 4.6 stars
  • current version: 91 reviews, average of 4 stars (Feb. 2017)

Screen Analysis

I identified areas that needed improvement*. Next I showed the screens to three people who travel frequently for work and leisure to see which areas they thought were confusing**.
*My comments
**Users’ comments


Hand Sketches

Hand sketches used to quickly represent layout and placement of elements.

Design Direction

The focus was on Expedia’s branding & website styling for a consistent, cohesive experience. I began with designs on the first two screens so I could ask for feedback early in the design process.


I asked designers* and people who travel frequently** which areas they thought were easy to use and which areas they thought were difficult.
*Designers’ comments
**Users’ comments

Refined Designs

Design iterations based on layout and usability feedback. Colors used to call attention to elements based on purpose and function.
#1. Search base-state:
#2. Choose origin city:
#3. Choose destination city:
#4. Choose departure date:
#5. Choose return date:
#6. Selections made, ready to search:


#1. Search base-state
#2. Choose origin city
#3. Choose destination city
#4. Choose departure date
#5. Choose return date
#6. Selections made, ready to search
Next steps would be to test the designs with users to see if the revised layout is easier for them to search for flights. If this was implemented by Expedia, a beta test could be used to see if booking rates increase on mobile compared to the original design.
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