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Project Description

Uber Design Internship

My role for 12 weeks as a Product Design Intern on the Safety & Insurance Team.

To see some of my design work from the internship:

  1. Order an Uber.
  2. Ask your driver to speed.
  3. Just kidding; that’s not safe! Don’t do that.
I worked on the Safety Team at Uber and my projects revolved around ways to keep Uber Drivers safer domestically and globally. The work isn’t public-facing yet, so I can’t share the designs, but I’d love to talk with you about it.
To start, here’s an overview of what I did:
  • researched challenges drivers face
  • studied comparative & competitive products
  • brainstormed & designed iterations using hand sketches and Sketch
  • prototyped in Framer to convey the motion of the designs to product managers, engineers, and other designers
  • tested the nuanced design differences between informing, alerting, annoying, and distracting
  • led user testing and interviews with drivers to understand how effective the designs were
  • presented my process and designs to Uber’s design team at the monthly Design All Hands meeting
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