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Project Description

Website Redesign

A redesign concept of “Rescue Me Georgia”, a dog rescue & adoption website.
The purpose of this project was to use UX analysis and design principles to redesign the current layout.


User Needs

  • Application to adopt a dog
  • Opportunity to volunteer
  • Information about dog adoption or fostering
  • Process to donate

RMG Needs

  • People to adopt dogs to free up space to rescue more dogs
  • Foster parents to house animals
  • Donations (money & supplies)
  • Volunteers to coordinate animal transportation

The Solution

A website that clearly guides visitors to the main functions.


Information Architecture

Current Menu Hierarchy


  • Elements are inconsistently labeled with fonts varying in capitalization & italics
  • Groupings are not consistent with experience (or web other adoption websites). For example, it is not apparent that there would be links under the “Home” page
  • “Foster” & “Volunteer” are some of the most important areas of the website; it is not clear they are under “Home”
  • “Contact Us” should be more prominent and not nested under “More”

Redesigned Menu Hierarchy


  • Consistent capitalization
  • Arrow next to titles to indicate dropdown options
  • Removed links under “Home”
  • Combined “Adopt” & “Available Dogs” because people interested in adopting dogs would look for “Adopt” sections. Added adoption form to facilitate adoption here because it is related to website users’ needs
  • Changed “Links” to “Resources” to more accurately represent the “Sponsor” page. Added “Tributes” to dogs and “Shirt Order Form” as resources for visitors to view or order
  • Added “Volunteer” section consistent with other pet adoption websites; allows for people to find info on fostering animals (#2 RMG need) & volunteering (#3 RMG need) more easily
  • “Contact Us” section as separate tab on the right of the page, consistent with many websites

Issues with Pages

Issues with Home Page

Issues with Available Dogs Page

Issues with Donate Page

Analyzing the Market

Competitive analysis of similar pet-adoption websites in the target market of Georgia to understand what elements are prioritized to face site users.

Color Palette

Color palette inspiration for a fresher look while maintaining original branded colors of bold orange and soft lime green.


Quick hand sketches to visualize some ideas.
Low fidelity prototypes.
Menu, Home Page, & Footer Layout & Color Options
The “Donate” button is made prominent at the top right side of the screen using the bold orange. Its large size and placement in the top corner allow site visitors to use less precision to click on it because it is trapped by the screen’s top and right edges. The title uses a sophisticated font for a professional look that maintains the fun intent of the original font. The text and font sizes in the body of the website are arranged to have a smoother flow that guides the users’ eyes from top to bottom and from each image to the text blocks.
Available Dogs Layout & Color Options

While I initially thought I would like the circular image frame layout, the circles cropped too much of the photos. Since the image of the animals will be what initially attracts visitors to adopt the animals, I chose to show more of the photos. Instead of alphabetical order like the original website, I organized the animals by Urgency because those are the dogs that need to be adopted quickly.

Final concept

Rescue Me Georgia is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing the forgotten animals in Jasper County, Georgia. For more information on their organization or to adopt a new friend, please visit All photos used in this concept redesign are from RMGDogs’ Facebook page.

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